10 reasons YA books are for everyone.

1. We all have an inner child

People talk all the time about “growing up”, but reaching physical and emotional maturity doesn’t mean you have to abandon all of your childish ways. I’m not saying YA books are childish, but I am saying it’s okay to like things you liked when you were younger. We don’t have to abandon the things we love for the sake of adulthood. Being an adult is simply as age.

2. They have more representation than most adult books.

LGBTQIA+? BIPOC? Asian rep? Disabled rep? Mental health? We’re so much more likely to find this representation in YA books. Adult books just don’t offer the same level, almost as if they think all of these people stop existing when they reach adulthood.

3. They offer some order in our overly complicated lives.

Most YA books have the same formula. They offer similar tropes, and a set beginning, middle and end. For the most part-plot twists aside- we know the basics of what to expect when reading YA, and that familiarity is a comfort. Our lives are already complicated enough, everyone deserves comfort where they can find it. Even if that comfort only comes from knowing that the lovers get together and they all lived happily ever after.

4. There’s no such thing as the book police.

No one is going to come knocking on your door and drag you away for reading YA. It’s not a crime, it’s not even morally questionable. You’re allowed to read whichever books you want, and if people are going to try and police it then that’s their problem-citizens arrests don’t exist in the world of books.

5. You should read to enjoy yourself.

That romance book you picked up because everyone else loved it, even though you hate the genre? Put it down. That book you’re reading just because someone bought it you, even though you’re half way through and bored out your mind? DNF it. Reading isn’t about appearances, it’s about your own personal enjoyment. It doesn’t matter what anyone else things. Why waste your time reading a bad book when you could read a good one? Why waste your time reading a good one when you could read a great one? If YA books are what you enjoy, then you should read them. It’s really that simple.

6. Nostalgia is a strong motivator.

It’s so much easier to enjoy and get through things when we’re presented with nostalgia. These books might remind you of a good time in your childhood, or a happy memory of when you were reading a similar book. We’re much more likely to enjoy books that take us back to our past, rather then try and push us forward into our own future.

7. They offer hope.

YA tends to have a happy ending; the guy gets the girl, the world is saved, and the mystery is solved. They offer us the chance of a happily ever after when we’re unsure about our realities. They can give us the relief and joy of knowing that no matter how bad things get, there’s always a chance things will work out for the better.

8. YA has a bad reputation; It doesn’t deserve it.

YA has a reputation as being shallow, stories for children. Whilst it’s true they’re written for a teenage audience, they have deep, often important storylines. They give us multidimensional characters. They offer us much more than just ‘meaningless high school drama.’

9. They expect us to go watch the adaptations.

Have you seen the hunger games movies yet? Or Harry Potter? What about shadow and bone on Netflix? Aren’t they amazing? Sure they are, and everyone has seen at least one of them. It’s weirder if you haven’t seen them. We’re bombarded with ads about them, merchandise, esteemed critics reviewing them. Book to screen adaptations are one of the post popular things out there nowadays. It’s only when people see you reading the book that they judge us for it. It’s only when we read the book that suddenly it’s ‘too young for us’ or ‘for children.’ It doesn’t make sense. If you’re allowed to watch the movie, you’re allowed to read the book,

10. Reading is reading.

Every word we read is important to us. Every sentence does wonders for our brains. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a picture book, YA, or a legal document. Reading is reading, and it all offers us benefits that don’t discriminate by genre.


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