If you liked Stranger Things, try these reads…

PAPER GIRLS by Brian K. Vaughan

Four young girls on Bikes doing a paperround in the 1980’s. Perfectly normal, right? That is until they find themselves stuck in the middle of a war. A war that finds them regularly displaced in time.

The girls find themselves stuck between “old-timers”, the first generation to discover time travel, and their descendants. Fighting for their world and time as they know it-with their future selves thrown in occasionally just for good measure (and an identity crisis or two.) It’s a strange one, as both sides battle over one question; Should time travellers be allowed to change the past?

A beautifully illustrated 30-issue comic book by the write of SAGA, Paper girls is also soon to be an Amazon Prime TV series. So now is the perfect time to get reading.

Representation: LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Queer males and females) Black MC, Jewish MC, Asian MC.

Trigger Warnings:
Homophobia, Death, Alcoholism, Attempted suicide, Blood, Kidnapping mentioned, anti-semitism, references to sexual assault.

Read the first issue of Paper Girls for free online here.

SORROW’S FOREST by Kaitlin Corvus

A new release from an Indie author, Sorrow’s forest is magically horrific. No-one gos into the forest. It’s a rule-the only one that everyone follows, even if they’re unsure why. Blue and Mackie are best-friends, everyone calls them brothers, but Mackie knows something no one else does. He knows that he pulled Blue out of the forest when they were children, and since then everyone has acted like he didn’t just drop into their lives.

The forest is alive, more and more children are going missing and strange things are happening all over town. Mackie knows Blue has something to do with it, but Blue is too busy lusting over his old school bully to answer any questions. It’s only when the devils in the forest start to leave the trees that Mackie realises they’re in a lot more trouble than anyone realised. He has to stop the forest, before it stops him first.

It’s a beautiful mix of horror and magic, that leaves us feeling like we all believe in fairies. Whether they’re good or bad? The Jurys still out on that one.

Representation: LGBTQIA+ (Gay MC), Gender exploration (through use of clothes/make-up)

Trigger Warnings: Homophobia, violence, sexual assault, death, gore, death of a child, memory alteration, Alzheimers, Animal Abuse,

Full Review of Sorrow’s forest coming as part of a book tour on July 16th.

HELL FOLLOWED WITH US by Andrew Joseph White

Another Indie Highlight! Hell followed with us follows 16 year old Trans boy Benji. Raised by a religious cult in a world that’s been ravaged by a deadly virus, he knows he doesn’t have long left. The bio-weaponized mutation they put inside him is growing, and there’s no way he can stop it. All he can do now is keep himself out of their hands, even if it means surviving alone. That’s until he meets Nick, and a group of other teens that survived simply by being in the right place at the right time-the local LGBTQIA+ community centre. With every passing day, Benji is getting closer to exploding-and the cult isn’t going to stop until they get him back.

It’s an explosive, bloody read that shows what happens when the monsters locked away inside us try to force their way out. In Benjis case literally, as it leaves him with more fangs than anyone should have, and a hunger he needs to fight if he wants to help save the world.

Representation: LGBTQIA+ (Trans FTM, mention of MTF, Gay, Lesbian, Non-binary), Latinx, BIPOC, Hijabi, Autistic.

Trigger Warnings: *This list comes direct from the Author* Violence (explicit gore, arson, murder and mass murder, warfare, terrorism), Body horror, Transphobia (misgendering, dead-naming with name written out repeatedly, threats of transphobic violence, forced detransition), Religious abuse/Christian terrorism, combined with elements of eco-fascism, Abusive parents and domestic partner violence (including returning to an abusive partner and victim self-blame), Self-injury (including attempted suicide of a side character), Emetophobia (vomiting) warning throughout. 

See my full review of Hell Followed with us here.

Any Book By Grady Hendrix

I know, I know. Just suggesting all of an authors work isn’t very specific, but how was I meant to choose one? From Zombies in a fictional version of IKEA to a support group for the last girl standing in a horror movie, Grady Hendrix is a horror write that has something for everyone. Murder, Monsters and Mystery line almost all of his books and it’s hard NOT to think of our favourite Hawkins residents as we read them.

Horrorstor, Final Girl support Group and My Best Friends Exorcism are great places to start.

Trigger warnings and representation vary book to book, though all books are classed as Horror. Please check individual books online for more information regarding specific wants/needs.

GALLANT by V.E.Schwab

Olivia grew up in a girls school, with nothing left of her family except her mothers old journal. That is until she gets a letter from a long lost uncle, calling her to his estate. One problem: There is no uncle, and no one in the estate knew she existed.

Through the gate in the garden wall she hopes she’ll find her answers; instead she finds an almost identical world, full of death where there’s meant of be life. No flowers grow, and ghosts and monsters lurk around every corner. They want to lock her there, and she knows better than to stay, but it’s the only place she has any chance of finding out the truth.

A ghostly, haunting mystery, Gallant is a gothic horror that shows us a world where the secret garden meets the upside-down. Olivia can only hope you’ll read it all the way through, so she has her best chance at saving herself and the world from what lurks beyond the Garden wall.

Trigger Warnings: Ableism, Mutism, Nightmares, Alcoholism, Blood, death of brother & cousin, Parental death, Murder, Knife & sword violence, Strangulation, Bullying, animal death (crow, cat)


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  1. This is such a creative blog post! These sound like such good reads, so I’ll definitely be adding them to my TBR. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


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