Cover Reveal: The Garnett Girls By Georgina Moore

To help reveal the cover for Debut Author Georigna Moores THE GARNETT GIRLS. A contmepary tale of sunshine, mystery, and sisterly love set on the Isle of Wight. Out from HQ stories on 16th February 2023, it’ll be the perfect splash of summer sun in those cold winter months.

Keep reading for the official description, and see the beautiful beachfront cover that you’ll need to add to your TBR.

Margo and Richard’s love affair was the stuff legends are made of – forbidden, passionate, all-encompassing. But ultimately, doomed.

When Richard walked out, Margo shut herself away from the world, leaving her three daughters, Rachel, Imogen and Sasha to run wild.

Having finally put the past behind her, charismatic Margo holds court in her cottage on the Isle of Wight, refusing to ever speak of Richard. But her silence is keeping each of the Garnett girls from finding true happiness.

The eldest, Rachel, is desperate to return to London, but is held hostage by responsibility for Sandcove, their beloved but crumbling family home.

Imogen, the dreamy middle child, feels the pressure to marry her kind, considerate fiance, even when her life is taking an unexpected turn.

And wild, passionate Sasha, the baby, trapped between her increasingly alienated family and her controlling husband, has unearthed the secret behind Richard’s departure … and when she reveals it, the effects are devastating.

Won’t that just look amazing on your bookshelf? I can’t wait to get to read this contemporary Debut, I just know it’s going to be one to look out for!! You can pre-order your own copy here:


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