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Authors are human, and they will all make mistakes. It is not the mistakes they make, but how they handle those mistakes that shows us who they really are.

The authors on these pages are all living as of June 2022. Authors that are deceased are no longer benefiting from their work-It’s not going to hurt Charles Dickens if I don’t buy Oliver Twist. For this reason, I prefer to focus my attention on currently living authors so that you can make sure you’re spending your money without harm, whilst still having the option to read these older books.

It is our own responsibility to educate ourselves and discover why things are considered a problem. The following pages are presented voluntarily by RedBaumBooks in an effort to provide reliable information and allow you to make educated and informed decisions. Please do not ask any of the third-party creators on these pages to explain their opinions, content or reasons surrounding problematic issues to you unless invited to.

Click the images or colours below to go to the corresponding pages. A full, non-categorized A-Z list of all authors is available further down this page.

Green: Has made errors in judgement or said things that hurt a community but have made an active attempt to rectify their mistake, learn from it and avoid future mistakes.

Yellow: Has made errors in judgement or said things that hurt a community, and has not apologized and/or acknowledged issues that have been brought up, BUT is not actively promoting the ideas that these things perpetuate.

Red: Are still promoting material and beliefs that are actively harming a community. Stands firm in their beliefs and will not attempt to understand the harm they are causing.

Please note: This page is constantly in the process of being updated. New authors will be added as appropriate. If you would like to submit an author or example to post on this page then please use the contact page. All third-party submitted information will be verified before being posted


Hoover, Colleen(Romanticisation of Abuse, Content warning dismissal)


Galbraith, Robert (See: Rowling, J.K.)


Rowling, J.K (Transphobia, Homophobia, Inciting violence, Mental Health Dismissal.)



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