Review Policy

If you have a book you’d like me to review then please get in touch via Twitter, Instagram, the contact page or by email;

All books for review must be provided by the author/publisher/third party. I will not accept books to review based on recommendation. I will, however, accept recommendations for general reading that I may review! I accept both Physical and e-books to review.

All of my reviews are spoiler-free and follow the same basic framework:

-Book and Publisher information
-Trigger/Content Warnings
-Star Rating
-A body paragraph, going into more depth and highlighting themes, concepts and ideas. Technical issues will be addressed here. It also discusses characters, and the book’s successes and disappointments.
-A Shining Glory (something key that worked well)
-A Fatal Flaw (something key that didn’t work well)
-‘Read this if…’
-‘Skip this if…’

Reviews may have negative aspects, as I want to be as fair as possible to the content of the book. This does not reflect on the author, and all criticism is provided in the hopes of being constructive and offering an honest view for other readers.

If books are ARC or pre-release and you do not want the review publishing until the release date then please make that clear in your enquiry. Please also state if there is a timeline you’d like your review to be done by and we will try to accommodate.

All reviews will also be posted on Goodreads, Storygraph, Reedsy Discovery and Waterstones. Review links may be shared on Social Media.



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